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My latest gig (check the gig calendar)


Enginehouse - my new jazz band from the fens of Norfolk featuring a bunch of great musicians- we had a nice live rehearsal at the Grange Farm Studio Hangout...


Chlorophyll Dreams reunited... back from a fantastic gig on January 17, 2014, at the Princeton Club.


Gigs with Sabroson on the calendar...


"Russell's Creation" playing at the Criterion, Leicester- and soon at the Musician...


Recently at Nusha in Cambridge with Salsa lessons thrown in by my bandmates. We will be playing here regularly- watch the 'News'!! We had a nice gig following on from Sasha's Salsa Class at the Cambridge Working Men's Club.


Before that I was with Roger Pugh doing a farewell gig at Leicester, who's left for the West Country after many years in the Midlands. Roger and I have many happy memories playing for 'Earthly' and doing the UK folk circuit. We've of course now done the "reunion" gig, 31st March 2013!!