Anthony Jackson

Jimmy Haslip

John Patitucci

Mark Egan

Jaco Pastorius

Oscar Stagnaro

Gary Willis, amongst others; a lifetime experience of continued learning.

Listening influences

Weather Report, Yellowjackets,  Jean-luc Ponty, Steve Khan's Eyewitness, Tribal Tech, John Scofield, Miles Davis, Chick Corea Elektric Band, Trilok Gurtu, Vital Information, Alain Caron's Le Band...

Pat Metheny Group, Rippingtons, SpyroGyra, Special EFX, Brecker Brothers...

Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Steely Dan, to name a few!!

Non-bass heroes...

John Scofield

Miles Davis

Michael Brecker

Randy Brecker

Bill Evans

Jean-luc Ponty

Dennis Chambers

Trilok Gurtu


Currently listening to...

Bunny Brunel: Momentum


Perhaps the natural technical descendant of Jaco...


Jimmy Haslip with Joe Vanelli: Nightfall


Recent solo album perhaps not as good as 'Red Heat'. Haslip has taken a hiatus from Yellowjackets. Still, fantastic production quality and some great songs like "Empath".


Steve Khan: Parting Shot


His best effort since the Eyewitness days, that brings forth the usual guitar/bass/drums/perc format. Has Dennis Chambers on drums this time who lays it back but can gently blend his powerhouse style into the Eyewitness sonic palette. Simply fantastic!!


Jeff Lorber Fusion: Galaxy


Compact, enjoyable funky smooth jazz sounds with the likes of Jimmy Haslip on bass.


Tribal Tech: X


Have all the TT albums and I have to say the Law of Diminishing Returns is creeping in; a lot of the quirky factor in the music though there are some nice tracks such as 'Anthem', Covington a lot more understated, lot of Zawinul-esque keyboards from Kinsey, and definitely some Far Eastern sounds...