1. Roger Pugh & the Woodland Devas: Fairytale Years (Oblong Music, 2004)
  2. Orchestra of Wishes (Oblong Music, 2002).


Single take jam at Studio VIbrations,  Kolkata.

Tuki, Jayanto, Kochu, myself.

Shades of Sco, Metheny and Miles...

Ratrace by Bassix


Chlorophyll Dreams 1994.

Scratch recording using a passive 5-string bass, highlighting our jazz-rock, bop influences.

Proposal by Bassix


Chlorophyll Dreams 1992.

Passive 4- string fretless made the traditional way, i.e. by ripping the frets out!!

Dotara Musings by Bassix

"Dotara Musings".

Experimental mix of 2-string guitar ("Dotara") and 6-string fretless bass with deliberate effects overload, recorded across India and the UK.

Tranquility by Chlorophyll Dreams Kol


One of our old favourites bringing all our influences into play.

SUNTAN by Chlorophyll Dreams Kol

"Suntan", Tuki, Robin and I, all laid back.

SONIC BLOOM by Chlorophyll Dreams Kol

"Sonic Bloom", modal explorations...