My gear

It's taken a while to get my gear sorted; with the evolution in modern amplification technology, and the need to reduce the load carried in and out of the house, I tend to use 1-2 basses. As it stands this is what I tend to use:



  1. Ibanez BTB6 fretted
  2. Concord/Moses custom 6-string fretless jazz bass
  3. Dingwall ABZ6 - workhorse bass with Party Police
  4. Dingwall Combustion 6-2 - workhorse basses with Untamed


  1. Genzler Magellan 800 - now the gig workhorse
  2. Phil Jones Bass Compact 4 cabs to save my back up those stairs!
  3. Genz-Benz Shuttle 3.0 combo - still superb for rehearsals!
  4. Genz-Benz Shuttle 9.0 - still fantastic but keep as backup
  5. Vanderkley 112MNT cabinets
  6. An old favourite, my Trace Elliott RAH600SMX, has been retired.


  1. Payson and Dingwall strings for the FF basses.
  2. Elixir strings
  3. Lava/Piranha instrument cables
  4. Boss WL20 wireless
  5. Korg tuners
  6. Klotz / Proel speaker cables - superb at 12/14 AWG.
  7. Auralex GRAMMA and great-GRAMMA
  8. Source Audio - Soundblox Distortion & Soundblox Orbital Modulator, C4
  9. MXR - Envelope Filter, Octaver.
  10. Pedaltrain to house the pedals
  11. Stageclix Wireless - now retired
  12. Beyer Dynamic Wireless - semi-retired
  13. Zoom 3000 effects - retired
The Concord/Moses custom fretless bass
Dingwall ABZ6