My gear

It's taken a while to get my gear sorted; with the evolution in modern amplification technology, and the need to reduce the load carried in and out of the house, I tend to use 1-2 basses. As it stands this is what I tend to use:



  1. Ibanez BTB6 fretted
  2. Concord/Moses custom 6-string fretless jazz bass
  3. Dingwall ABZ6


  1. Genz-Benz Shuttle 3.0 combo
  2. Genz-Benz Shuttle 9.0
  3. Vanderkley 112MNT cabinets
  4. An old favourite, my Trace Elliott RAH600SMX, has been retired.


  1. Elixir strings
  2. Lava/Piranha instrument cables
  3. Zoom 3000 effects
  4. Beyer Dynamic Wireless
  5. Korg tuners
  6. Klotz/ Proel speaker cables
  7. Auralex GRAMMA and great-GRAMMA
  8. Soundblox Distortion
  9. Soundblox Orbital Modulator
  10. Stageclix Wireless
The Concord/Moses custom fretless bass
Dingwall ABZ6