Some useful links to bass related companies and fellow musicians...


A proper little specialist bass boutique in the Midlands that deal nationally and internationally, run by Mark Stickley, a fellow bass enthusiast who is very helpful, and, importantly, knows his stuff!!


I had the pleasure of meeting Marc Vanderkley at the London Bass Day; this genial and helpful Dutchman still builds all his own cabs. The cabs are outstanding for tone, portability and probably have the highest power-to-weight ratio that I know of. There are ongoing issues with Neodymium production, so it looks like ferrite/ceramic-based speakers are coming back.


Interesting lot, these chaps. Pioneers in graphite technology they did a lot of the early work for Steinberger and so on. There is a lot of talk about graphite necks being cold and so on; others who have tried my fretless are amazed at the feel and the speed of the neck- personally, I would have a graphite neck on all my basses- superb feel, playability and tone!!


Can't say much more really- my most preferred pickup option, just love the clarity and sizzle on these pickups.


Again, a little company that make preamps for huge names. I have one that has replaced my Bartolini 3-band EQ and it has really made a difference; the push-pull active/passive option is very useful and you can definitely feel more air moving with the EQ!!


Again, in a sense a larger specialist boutique company. Their shuttle amp/combo lines are outstanding, perfect in terms of portability, tone, and ease of use for any small to medium gig. I play with a couple of percussionists, a pianist and a trumpeter and my shuttle 3.0 easily matches their volume!!


An outstanding folk singer and (yes!) jester, who allows musicians with other styles to blend in with him seamlessly.


My friend Tuki's band, the one person I directly know who is a  bonafide self-taught guitar genius.


Conceptualised bass scalar workouts.