The Calcutta Days

I played with the jazz fusion group Chlorophyll Dreams, a landmark in Calcutta, over 1992-96, and was lucky to have worked with similar-minded musicians. As happens, people go their separate ways, though most of my friends have found a good career in music, especially my friend Tuki (Vikramjit Bannerjee) with the renowned band Krosswindz.


Chlorophyll Dreams:

  1. Vikramjit Bannerjee ("Tuki")- guitars
  2. Robin ("Robindranath") Lai- violin, keyboards
  3. Thomas ("Tomindranath") Lai- tenor sax, flute
  4. Chiradeep ("Chiro") Lahiri- drums
  5. Arindam Chaudhuri- bass guitars

Listen to "Ratrace" in the discography section...


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